Wise Anti-Malware Review and Download

To prevent, detect, or remove different kinds of malicious software on IT systems, and other individual computing devices; Antimalware is the right type of specially designed software to get this job done. Antimalware software functions mainly by fighting against infections often caused by different kinds of malware-viruses, spyware, rootkits, spyware, phishing, potentially unwanted applications such as PUA/PUP, and ransomware.

Antimalware functions by signature-based detection, comparing a group of suspicious code with a database of hashes of malware and once an antimalware discovers a file that matches that of the malware signature, it tags it as potential malware. There are diverse kinds of antimalware available; however, not all antimalware has the same capabilities and strength. One very strong antimalware which you can trust is the Wise Antimalware. Not only does it get the job done most explicitly, but it also provides adequate protection when installing on IT systems.

Wise Anti-Malware Review and Download

Wise Antimalware Review

Despite being new Anti-malware software designed by Wise cleaner Software, Wise Anti-malware helps protect your PC against malicious malware. It uses Avira Technologies to detect and remove threats. Most times, the detection works with an updated database in Avira products. It has the following features which distinguish it and make it stand out in action and performance;

  • Wise Anti-Malware has a beautifully structured interface that displays four large buttons providing malware scanner, quick check, adware cleaner, and system cleaner.
  • It possesses three different scanning modes, such as quick scan, custom scan, and full scan. The scanning modes help to detect malware infection. They also function effectively in cleaning up different kinds of detected garbage from the web browsers installed on your PC.
  • Wise Anti-Malware Windows 10 Version performs swift and quick analysis on your PC in real time when an unknown threat is located. It blocks all unknown malware to provide safety and real-time protection for your PC.
  • It has three shields that block malicious threats, and they are; Malware detection, Adware detection, and registry protection.
  • Wise Anti-Malware Desktop Version has different exciting features such as Cleaning of Pop-Up Ads application, getting rid of banners (you might consider irritable) on WebPages, fixing IE home pages, removing AD desktop shortcuts. You are guaranteed a pleasant, and secure online experience with the use of this antimalware software.
  • Wise Anti-Malware Windows 10 laptop version is a security maintenance application, so you get value from it. It can be employed in cleaning disks, cleaning the internet history of all popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Microsoft Edge, etc., and also removal of temporary files.
  • The system requirement includes Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

How to download and install Wise Antimalware on Windows 10?

These are some short steps to follow if you intend to download and install the Wise Antimalware software. All you have to do are as follows;

You can always download the Wise Antimalware software from the official site wisecleaner.com, Wise Anti Malware, or download.html. Once you click on any of these links, your download should start automatically.

To install this software, you would need to find the set-up file, double click on it, and then click yes after the dialogue box appear.